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Horticultural | Industrial | Agricultural rain water harvesting
Basins | Reservoirs | Ponds | Lagoons

We deliver our reservoirs, basins, lagoons and ponds over the whole world at a very good price!

The Green Team Company supplies equipment for the construction of complete retention reservoirs, basins, ponds, lagoons used to store, i.a. rainwater or liquid contaminants.

Green Team Company also offers comprehensive service in the construction of a reservoir, from its excavation to the lining of the tank with appropriate materials along with the implementation of suction and power connections

Large-area retention reservoirs can also be made of concrete walls and additionally can be covered with a special floating cover. The slopes and walls of the tank can be secured with a special anti-algae cover.

Our offer also includes materials from which you can protect land or tanks and reservoirs in industry. Our materials can also be used to secure landfills.

Reservoir, excavated previously or made of concrete elements, inside is lined with a special geotextile with a minimum weight of 300g / m2, protecting the rubber from damage by roots, stones, etc.

Next, we cover the tank with the, pre-prepared in the factory, water (and other liquid substances, including impurities) impermeable liner.

In our tanks we use following liners (sealing membranes) including:
  • DelaFlex 0,6mm and 1 mm thick – for all types and kinds of tanks for water, drinking water or liquid pollutants such as sewage, slurry, liquid manure. For DelaFlex material, we provide a 15-year warranty on factory-made welds as well as the material’s resistance to UV radiation.
  • PCV KIWA –ATA 0,5mm – for drinking water storage.
  • PVC Tropic 1mm – for clean water storage in temperate climate.
  • ASTRIN 0,5mm oraz 1mm – for clean water and waste water storage (drainage water, sewage).
  • EPDM 1 mm – for clean water and slightly contaminated water storage in cold and hot climate
  • HDPE, HDPE T-lining, LDPE, PVC Re-lining, Polyester with PVC protection.

One of the exemplary realizations, presented in the gallery pictures below, shows how nonwoven fabric is covered with the high resistance to mechanical damage, UV radiation and low temperature EPDM rubber.

According to the manufacturer, it retains its plasticity even at – 40ºC, which prevents the rubber from damaging from ice.

With an average tank size EPDM rubber comes to the customer in one piece and its dimensions correspond to the shape of the excavation.

It is possible to build a reservoir in an custom unusual shape. E.g. if there is a shapeless piece of ground space behind a greenhouse, there is also a possibility to build a reservoir in such a place.

At the bottom of the reservoir, basin, pond or lagoon, the folds of rubber are left – this is a reserve, because under heavy water loads the soil will be slightly compacted, which will cause the rubber to stretch.

On the rubber layer, you can additionally apply a nonwoven fabric that protects against damage and solar radiation.

Rainwater flowing from the greenhouse or other structure is fed into the reservoir from the top via PVC pipes. At the bottom of the reservoir there is a connection to a well built in accordance to the project. A special protective sleeve is attached to the connection. The sleeve must be loose so that the rubber does not tear under the weight of the water. It is glued with a special preparation and sealed.

Water, through the connection, flows gravitationally to the well, from where it can be used for the needs of the farm, greenhouse, etc.

Reservoirs, basins, lagoons and ponds manufactured and supplied by Green Team Company, depending on the liner / sealing membrane used, can be used in horticulture, agriculture and industry for:
  • Rain / cleanwater, waste water, water with fertilizers, water with high or low EC/PH storage
  • Fish breeding
  • Sewage, polluted or waste water storage
  • Technological reservoirs, e.g. at shale gas wells or in other process purposes
  • Various types of liquids and liquid contaminants, manure storage, etc.
  • Reservoirs protecting the soil against contamination at fuel tanks or other industrial use

Concrete walls external reservoir

Concrete walls external covered reservoir

Sewing the fabric protecting the reservoir walls

Floating anti-algae bubble cover

Floating anti-algae cover


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