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We implement comprehensive solutions for the industry, horticulture, energy and automation including turn key projects.


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About us

We provide everything necessary for horticultural production, sales of greenhouse structures, equip them fully, watering and heating systems, steel tanks and lagoons, means of production , nursery production, professional advice and service.

Systemy nawadniania szklarni

Horticulture / Agriculture / Greenhouse irrigation systems

  • Water storage systems
  • Chemicals and water storage steel tanks and silos
  • Basins, lagoons and ponds
  • External rainwater reservoirs

External rainwater reservoirs

  • Liners for silos, ponds, tanks, basins, lagoons
  • Anti-algae / Floating / PVC covers
  • Recycling and water disinfection with UV

Steel tanks  Reservoirs and lagoons

Zbiorniki wewnątrz szklarni
Wnętrze szklarni

Greenhouse constructions

  • Greenhouses types Venlo, Cabrio and ZON
  • Mini garden center / Foil tunnels
  • Home greenhouses
  • Greenhouse constructions production
  • Greenhouse windows opening systems

Greenhouse equipment and supplies

  • Greenhouse high pressure misting system
  • Fogging / Misting for horticulture,
  • hotels, bars, pubp, restaurants
  • and wherever it is necessary to cool the external spaces
  • Carbon dioxide feeding of greenhouse plants
  • CO2 storage tanks
  • CO2 concentration measurements
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