15-Carbon dioxide plants feeding in greenhouse

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Use of carbon dioxide on greenhouse crops

We deliver our carbon dioxide enrichment systems over the whole world at a very good price!

CO storage tanks

The Green Team company offers various types of tanks for storing liquid carbon dioxide. The tanks can be horizontal or vertical with a capacity of 4, 8, 12, 16, 25, 35, 50 (and more) tons of liquid carbon dioxide. Our tanks are equipped with a condensing system that allows constant pressure conditions in the tank (no losses resulting from the opening of safety valves). We offer new and used tanks. We also deal with comprehensive overhaul of tanks, preparing the installation according to the customers’ expectations, including testing of tanks by the Office of Technical Inspection.

CO2 evaporators

The Green Team company offers various evaporators that use ambient heat to evaporate liquid carbon dioxide (change from liquid to gas). Most of the offered evaporators are fan evaporators whose work is controlled automatically. Temperature sensors control the proper operation of the evaporator as well as protect the system in order to prevent liquid gas from entering the CO2 gas distribution plant during a rapid increase in carbon dioxide consumption. Standard performance of fan evaporators is 200 kgCO2 / h, 500 kg CO2 / h and 1000kgCO2 / h. There is also the possibility of producing an evaporator for individual orders.

Carbon dioxide measurements in a greenhouse

The Green Team company has over 12 years of experience in the design and construction of a complete CO2 gas distribution system from the tank and evaporator to installations inside the greenhouse together with the measurement. We would like to propose an installation for the distribution of carbon dioxide gas. The gas will be metered by specially adapted capillaries placed on the CO2 dosing lines.

We do NOT use any dripers or other emitters that are to be adapted from irrigation installations to build a carbon dioxide dosing system. We do NOT use any drip lines. The use of special capillaries for carbon dioxide and arrangement of the installations in a suitable way guarantees even distribution over the entire surface of the greenhouse. In addition, the installation inside the greenhouse can be repeatedly rolled up and unwound (eg when replacing the film) and it does not damage it. Our installations work without failure in many greenhouses.

Configuration and number of sensors and controllers is set individually, depending on the size of the greenhouse and the demand for carbon dioxide. The simplest system of this type consists of 1 sensor and 1 controller connected directly to a carbon dioxide evaporator.

Each of these scanners is permanently installed in the greenhouse and is equipped with a display showing the current gas concentration. The measurement of carbon dioxide concentration takes place in infrared, it is the fastest and most accurate measurement. The air enters the interior of the sensor, into the chamber in which infrared is emitted. CO2 molecules absorb infrared radiation. On the other side of the measuring chamber there is a receiver that checks how much radiation has been absorbed by CO2. The more CO2 molecules the greater the absorption of infrared radiation, and on this basis the concentration of carbon dioxide is calculated.

The current CO2 concentration is displayed on the sensor display in ppm. The sensor is placed between plants about 6 -8 m from hanging on the pole at the scanner transition. In a simple way you can also change the desired concentration of carbon dioxide that you want to keep in the greenhouse.

The controller can also be used to program the system operation parameters – feeding time, the concentration to be fed, etc. When there is no need for CO2 in the greenhouse facility, the system also switches off the evaporator – it allows to reduce power consumption. If the concentration of carbon dioxide drops, the system will react automatically and return to CO2 supply again.

The work of individual dosing valves can be adjusted independently. The automation and power supply of the system is built in such a way as to prevent accidental damage. This system, designed and built, works correctly for many years without any problems.

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