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Greenhouse constructions

The Green Team company offers new greenhouse constructions. Built greenhouses are characterized by maximum light transmission, energy efficiency and adaptation of the structure to customer expectations.

Venlo is the basic type of greenhouse construction. In 1990, the production of ZON type greenhouses began, in which trusses are located under gutters, as a result of which a much larger amount of light reaches the plants grown in the greenhouse. We also produce Cabrio and Widespam greenhouses with a fully open roof.

We manufacture and carry out complete projects related to the construction of Garden Centers. The production of the greenhouse structure is fully automated, the quality of welds or structural treatments is carried out at the highest level.

In our constructions we use the latest and most advanced solutions, i.a. STABIMAX window closing system, which significantly reduces heat loss.

Mini Garden Center

The Green Team company offers a Mini Garden Center as a reasonable alternative to the expensive construction of a Garden Center. This solution allows the investor to build any size greenhouse facility in which it will be possible to display decorative plants for sale to individual customers. This solution allows for a reasonable price to build an object that will be a good showcase of a company producing plants for sale.

The main advantages of our constructions:

• Maximum light transmission

• Different types of greenhouse coverings – turned, tempered, frosted glass, polycarbonate etc.

• Construction prepared for installation of:
– Shadows
– Heating
– Illumination
– Climate control

Types of greenhouses we offer::

• Venlo – block greenhouses

• Carbrio

• Widespam


• Garden Shopping Centers / Garden Greenhouses / Backyard Greenhouses

• Foil greenhouses / Foil tunnels

• Greenhouses for growing tropical plants

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Greenhouse constructions

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